Hi, my name is Qiao Dan Alice Wang!

This blog is for Professor Naoimh O’Reilly’s “Digital & High-Tech Marketing” class.


I still remember the day I visited YouTube for the first time.

It was in 2007 and I was in grade 6 English class, learning about media studies. In order to teach us about image manipulation in the media, my English teacher showed us the infamous Dove Real Beauty ad. Instantly I was fascinated. Little did we know that day, we were in the company of YouTube in its infancy stages. We were also witnessing the mere beginnings of the phenomenon that later became online viral marketing. 

Today, I am equally as fascinated by viral videos on YouTube. Beyond that, I love all marketing that is unconventional. And that is what I will endeavor to explore with this blog. Gone are the days when companies can simply put out a newspaper ad and expect people to call in. Over the next while, I would like to learn more about digital marketing as we know it today, touching upon topics such as search engine optimization, email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media influencers. 

So pour yourself a cup of virtual tea and stay for a while!